Reclaiming some glamour.

reeree rockette jun 2016

I'd been feeling a little lost style wise, as I'd somehow found myself wearing leggings, trainers and baggy tops. I was feeling a little frumpy and lost I guess. So I have been forcing myself back to my retro roots, slapping on red lipstick and indulging in some shopping.

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I've gained weight recently due to feeling far too busy in my life, and it definitely shaken my style confidence as well. But I'm pretty strict with my thoughts sometimes, and its all the more reason to dress up and feel great.

I think some people forget the power our style choices have. When you get ready for a party, and you feel a million dollars; that feeling? It's possible to sprinkle each and every day with some of that awesome. Buying clothes that make you feel great, and wearing them every day, not just special occasions, wearing your hair and make up in a way that makes you feel great etc. Feeling good deserves your time and attention, but it certainly doesn't mean the same for everyone. Style is really about understanding what makes YOU feel great, regardless of what fashion is currently dictating.