A refreshing advert from Puregym

This ad for Puregym just came into my facebook stream, and it was a breath of fresh air. We've all seen gym adverts, they're generally either trying to 'inspire' us with six-packs or create fear and loathing with fat phobia.

This advert is so glorious because it focuses on the other reasons people love visiting a gym. People who don't treat the gym as a punishment for eating (or even existing), and who aren't just chasing thinness or buffness via a hatred of their current body.

It reminds us of the power of a challenge, and of pushing ourselves. Of celebrating progress. Of taking time out to focus on just ourselves; of putting our phones away and purely focusing on yourself in that moment. I especially loved the positioning line of "It's a safe place, where you can be yourself unashamedly," which considering the gym makes most people anxious and worried, is a wonderful twist on their sales pitch. 

I really think this is a perfect campaign, and its left a refreshed taste on my tongue. Bravo Puregym.