Myprotein - Protein powders, pastas, cookies and pancakes reviewed

OOooh, I'd been so keen to try some actual protein products, so was pretty excited when Myprotein sent me some things to try! Whoop!

I started with the protein cookie of course! Double Choc Chip. They're apparently good pre or post workout as a source of protein and energy. I don't really eat biscuits anymore, so it tasted really indulgent! 

Next was the Impact Whey Protein in Strawberry Cream flavour (you wouldn't believe the flavours available!!). You mix the powder with water and shake it in the shaker. Delicious like a milkshake. The reviews on their website are great, and this is what they told me about whey protein:

"Whey protein is one of the fastest absorbing proteins you can get. When we exercise muscle fibre get damaged and its the repair of these fibres that makes us ache the next day! Whey protein can help the muscle recovery really fast so its best to take straight after exercise. You can also take it in a smoothie or in the morning too and it will boost your protein intake around breakfast time to keep you fuller for longer.

Other than this whey protein can be used to increase the protein intake of regular meals- e.g. with porridge, cottage cheese, yogurts etc- amazing desserts."

I also added mine to a nutribullet smoothie; spinach, carrot, banana and the protein. It sweetened it nicely!

Next was the chocolate pancake mix. I've tried this a few times, but not had great success so far! Ha! I did manage to make one thing that looked like a pancake, but it felt almost too wet in the middle. I'll keep trying!

I cooked with the protein pasta once, but I think maybe I'm not missing pasta like I thought I was. I don't really eat white carbs like pasta, rice, bread etc anymore, and I didn't really enjoy the protein version either.

Why do I want to supplement my diet with protein extras?

Protein keeps you fuller for longer, and since eating a low-carb diet I've never had more energy. No more carb slumps for this lady.

No fear, protein doesn't make you bulky. Ask anyone who works out hard at the gym, whether bulking up with muscles is easy. It takes a lot of work, calories and testosterone. Personally, I don't believe in calorie counting, but all the info is there if you do follow that sort of diet.

Would I order any of these things myself? The cookies and the whey protein powder for sure! Can't wait to try some of the the crazy protein shake flavours, they all sound so yummy.