My Vintage Glasses - Prescription Sunglasses and Glitter



I bought these super vintage glasses to get my first pair of prescription sunglasses. I loved the gold star detail, and thought they'd look great with sunglasses in!


Sadly, as it sometimes the case with 60 year old plastic, they don't always survive getting new lenses put in. The plastic has somehow cracked inside, and lost most of the black colouring and stars. Its gone white and they just don't look as good. It looks like it has worn away. Its a shame, but nothing can be done.

Well.......then I decided to try and improve them again.

I got some red nailpolish, and started carefully painting.

It took a few coats of red nailpolish, and I then decided to add some glitter! I used my Mac glitter, and used clear nailpolish to seal it.

I'm sad I didn't get to enjoy the star design, but they really didn't look very good anymore.

Hopefully they'll be good to go for my trip to Vegas now!