My very first personal training session


I was lucky enough to get some money for Christmas with the caveat to spend it on things. To treat myself to things I perhaps wouldn't. Indulgent and fun things. So I booked a personal trainer.

I've always wanted to try one, but the price always felt a little too indulgent. I was also nervous, nervous of having someone pay me that much attention. Worried about failing in front of someone. And worried about the cost. So yes, when you're given some money and told to spend it on yourself, this was an obvious choice.

I'm out of the fitness game, and I miss it. I also miss fitting into my clothes, my wardrobe is still full of clothing that I can't even do up. I've lost my way a little.

So yesterday I tried my very first personal training session (second one tomorrow!). Picking one was a challenge, there's so many of them, and how do you know who you'll get on with, and who will train you in a way that suits you? I ended up going with a lovely lady I remembered from twitter. I'd followed her I think years ago when I lived in Crouch End. 

It took place in one of those swanky private studios, which had the added bonus of meaning I'm being trained in an empty room; just me and my trainer. Fancy.

The first session was a bit of a swift get-to-know session, with some chat and some base-line checks of my fitness. Prior to the session I'd explained the sort of exercises I wanted to do, and exercises I avoid due to my back. We discussed goals and expected progress.

I guess what I'd forgotten was that part of a PT's job is to cheerlead and to encourage, so the praise felt a little silly at first, but I forced myself to just accept it, and feel empowered by it. Oh you think my squat is great, why thank you. You think my awful attempt at a push up is really good? Why thank you.

My muscles hurt today, in the good way, and muscles that wouldn't usually feel tight as I'd miss them out on my own. My sessions are only 30 minutes long, so its good to know that even with chatting at the start, you can still get some work done that counts. 

What you buy if you were told to treat yourself?