My top tips for starting running


Let me prefice this by saying that I'm not currently 'a runner'. When I go out on a run, its a short, local one, rather than a 'proper' run. But 2013 has shown me that I could be a runner. If I choose to be.

I've written before about cutting the crap and getting real and for me, I definitely used to hold a lot of 'truths' about me running that I needed to realised were nonsense.


I used to believe my knees were too weak, and my back too buggared to run. I used to believe that I was too top-heavy to run. I used to believe that I would never enjoy running.

It was all bollocks. My knees and back were weak because they weren't used to running. My boobs just needed a nice sports bra. I can enjoy running.

My top tips if you want to start running:

1. Read this book.

Running Like A Girl

2. Make yourself an amazing playlist of music to run to.

3. Start small. Five minutes is enough if that's all you can do.

4. Your body will be fine. My ankles always feel 'off' for the first minute or so, but it goes. Stitches happen, doctors don't even really know why, just keep breathing!

5. Just get on some trainers, and run. No one will laugh at you, and no one on the street will know how far you've run. Just get out the door and give it a go. It really isn't as hard as we trick ourselves into believing.