My top five tips when writing your internet dating profile


Internet dating has become part of the relationship furniture, and I don't know many people who haven't dipped their toe in the water. 

My first three boyfriends (from about 15 years ago) were all from the internet, and as I've grown I have always maintained my internet geekiness. I have made friends, gone on dates, and arranged meet-ups for a over a decade using the internet, and I thought I'd share my little titbits of advice for online dating.

1. Upload enough photos. Make sure you have one of your full body, and the rest should really be of your face. Not hiding behind glasses, hats, costumes, books or whatever else you conjour up to hide your face. Internet dating is about finding someone you one day may fancy, and you need to show your face!

2. The photos of your last trek across the dessert (to show you love travelling) or the photos or you with a massive group of friends (to show you are popular) are just a waste of my time. I just need to see your face.

3. Don't be shy. Don't just upload your profile and wait. Most dating websites have an option  that just let you show (without actually having to message) you like someone. It may be a wink. a nudge, or a 'like' button, but go for it. Keep logging in and finding a few more faces you wouldn't mind chatting to.

4. What you write does matter, but don't overthink it. People are just trying to get an overall idea of your basic personality. If anything is a deal breaker for you, it's best to state it here.

5. Go on some dates! You've signed up, which means you need to follow through and actually go on some dates!