My Top 5 Tips to Choose the Best Tattoo Artist

How do you go about choosing a tattoo artist? Here are my five tips for helping you make that crucial decision.

1) When you're looking at the artist's book or portfolio remember that they have chosen these photos as their best examples. If there are any poor quality tattoos in there, that is what the artist is proud of. Hmmm...

2) When looking at the artist's work look at the quality of colour and line as well as the actual artwork. Are the lines that are meant to be straight actually straight?

3) Is the artist's style of choice your chosen style? You want your artist to be working to their strengths, and in the style they prefer - you're more likely to get something great if they enjoy doing it.

4) Don't be swayed by price. There really isn't that much difference between low and high priced artists, and you really will have that thing on your skin forever. Isn't is worth saving that extra hundred quid to get it right?

5) What standards does your tattoo artist have? Will they tattoo necks and hands on anyone who asks? Will they tattoo things that are poorly thought out (too small/too details etc) even though they will look awful in 10 years time? I have seen one of my tattoo artists turn a lot of work away (despite needing the money) due to standards such as these.