My thrift store finds

I love searching for a bargain, or a vintage goody, and yesterday we were thrift shopping. Here is what I bought (terrible pictures, will try and wear them to show you all better later!)

Top left is a summer jacket with a very interesting neckline. I love it. I picked it up and Pip just said "It's you!" and at ten dollars I agreed!

Top right is an unworn crocheted jumper with pastel rainbow colours. I think It was about 5 bucks.

Bottom left is a Pepe jeans jacket which I adored as soon as I put it on! Its a tad tight on my boobs, but I can wear it undone or half done, its pretty 'mod' in style, and I like the colour a lot.

Bottom right is a vintage gold bag which I couldn't leave behind. It wa 6 dollars I think.

My favourite purchase of all, doesn't show up well in an unworn picture, but here it is:

It's just a black shirt that ties at the bottom, with some embroiderary, a bit like a western cowboy style shirt. It fits across the boobs perfectly, which I always find a challenge, and the shirt is cut quite long, so I wear it tied up, without flashing my belly. It was $2.50 and makes me very happy.