My third Valerie Vargas Tattoo (or how to distract from a poor quality tattoo)

I had my third Valerie tattoo today. I hadn't meant to have it, but after booking three appointments for my shoulder, but finished in two, I had an appointment spare. So we decided on a peacock on my arm. This is in an attempt to distract from my poor quality Vegas tattoo.

It was a sore tattoo, and my arm felt extremely raw for the whole thing, but its well worth it. I love the placement, which is actually different from what we discussed but actually exactly what I wanted. It almost completely covers the front of my lower arm, like a cuff.

My arm is extremely swollen, but here is an immediate photo, complete with blood.

Slightly different angle to show front, and you can just spy the poor quality Vegas cat tattoo:

My boobs look huge in these pics.....whoops.

My Valerie Vargas tattoo number 2

My Valerie Vargas tattoo number 1

A picture at home:

Just to show the placement better - and you can see how swollen my arm is here!