My short hair set - an unplanned photo tutorial

I posted here a Bettie Page inspired hair set and here about  my short hair cut inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

I had a request to show how I set my shorter hair, which I just hadn't got around to. As I was about to take out my rollers today, I decided to take some pics to show how I do a normal day-to-day set.

We start with how I walked around all day:

Please excuse my lack of red lipstick, I did have it on when I was out I promise!

So I have used a bandana to cover my rollers here, but I do sometimes use a more vintage inspired head scarf as well.

So having taken off my scarf, this is what I had underneath it:


I have used medium sized foam rollers and started with a side parting (where the gap is). You can see they aren't that neat - I just threw them in this morning, and hadn't planned on showing anyone!

I haven't used any product at this point, and the rollers went in on dry hair.

At the back I use smaller sized rollers for the bottom of the hair.


 In this picture you can see I have taken my first roller out. You can see the sort of curl it creates, and having that top roller, with the extreme side parting, gives it the volume on the top.





Here are a few more rollers out, to show the direction of the curl.

Once all the rollers are out, I just tease them, quite roughly, with my fingers. You can brush them out a bit too. I sometimes use a bit of wax here too. If I were going out, I would probably back-brush the roots to give it more lift.


I have done this in my living room, without a mirror, but here is my end result, as a normal day-to-day set.

Now, where's my lippy?!