My second PT training session....very different to my first

what is it like having a personal trainer

I arrived, thinking, "Yeah I can do this," after my first session a couple of days before. But gosh, I'd underestimated how much the session was just a sussing-me-out session. We got straight onto a spin bike, and my confidence quickly disappeared. I've done spin, I actually like spin....but blimey this was the hardest I'd ever had my bike. It was a short 5 minute warm up, but I got off with wobbly legs, as if I may fall over. I felt a bit sick. Uh oh.

We headed to the weights and started on biceps and triceps. Again, I was begging for mercy within a few minutes. Telling her I couldn't do it. That I felt weird. That my legs may give way. Ha ha, what a baby!

We then did some tabata cardio (very intense bursts with short rests), which oddly gave me energy and I felt ready to go again. Back to triceps and biceps, and she did allow me to drop my weights slightly on my biceps, as it was clear my arms couldn't do anymore. 

Next, core and again, I whimpered and yelled my way through. I thought I may be a bit broken. Ha! So dramatic.

Then I was all over. Stretches and time to go home. Blimey, if you ever think you can't work out in just 30 minutes, you need a personal trainer. I apologised for being such a baby, and she calmly explained that I'd done everything she'd asked of me. That if it wasn't really hard she wasn't doing her job properly. That change happens when you really push your body. It's meant to hurt. It's meant to be almost impossible to finish a set. If it isn't, the weight isn't heavy enough.

Apologies that all of these fitness updates have stock imagery. The studio doesn't allow any phones, so you'll be saved from pictures of me in the gym for now!