My second laser hair removal appointment - City Hair Removal Review

A few months ago I started a new course of laser hair removal and a few weeks ago I returned for my second session.

I'm attending City Hair Removal, and have been gifted the sessions to review.

On my first appointment I was really excited with the results, and for the majority of the time in between appointments I really noticed that my underarms didn't need shaving. Bliss! Hair grows in cycles, and so I knew that one session wouldn't kill off every hair, but was certainly surprised at how effective one session was.

By the time my second appointment came around, hairs had reappeared, less than my natural growth, but I was needing to shave again. So I was excited to get back to the clinic!

I think they increased the strength of the laser as it definitely stung more this time (I don't mind though, I want it to work!), and I could smell some of the hair burning. The appointments are very quick for underarms, there isn't much surface area to cover, so it won't take long.

While the zapped hair grows out of your body, they're a bit more stubbly for that first week, they don't seem to shave away like regular hair, but then they fall out, and I'm back to not shaving my underarms again. Brilliant. Hopefully the second round of treatment will mean it lasts even longer this time!