My review of The Color Run London 2014

I ran my 3rd 5k fun race - The Color Run: London 2014! My first was The Color Run last year, and my second was The Electric Run, and I've even run my first 10k by getting lost!

 I hate to negative about such a fun event, but I got pretty frustrated during the event, which is a shame. 

1. The start line was pretty lame. Last year's race in Brighton, and this year's Electric Run both had DJs at the start line, getting you in the mood to get going, but this London Color Run had a rather lack lustre happening.

2. The staggering of runners at the start is of course normal and required. Not everyone can go at the same time! However the groups of runners seemed very small, which ended up rather spoiling the run for me. Usually, a larger group of runners means that quickly the group spreads out - runners at the front, walkers at the back. Everyone gets to enjoy the run at their own pace. However the smaller groups (so a whole complete race full of many small groups) means that there was never a chance to spread out. As I ran through the walkers, rather than finding a group of runners to run along, I'd just hit the back of the next group - more walkers. It felt more like a sponsored stroll, and I had to spend the whole circuit weaving in and out to enable myself to run. I know it's not a serious race, but it is a Color Run, rather than walk!

It would be good if they'd consider grouping us in different ways, or even just in larger packs - I've not experienced this problem before.


Thanks to Living Social for inviting me again to run with their bloggers' team - I loved the oporrtunity to push my  body again! Running really is a mental challenge, much more than a physical one.