My quick version of Bettie Page hair








I haven't posted a tutorial before, as I am nowhere near good enough. However, I suddenly thought that a less than perfect example may make it seem less daunting, and encourage other ladies to give their hair a make-over.


This morning, I decided to curl my hair. I like the process of it. I do it in front of the telly, and I find it relaxing. It also gives me a weird connection to times gone by. So.....this set was put in this morning, on dry hair. I didn't use a setting lotion, I used a Boots own brand mousse just to damp each section of hair.

As you can see, it is a far from perfect set. I do them quite quickly, and I never manage to keep them neat and pretty! If you decide to give a cold set a go yourself...I have found the following:

1) The direction you curl you hair makes a difference to the final result.

2) The angle that you hold you hair when you curl makes a difference too.

3) How clean your hair is makes a difference to how long the curl will last.

4) Cold sets last a whole lot longer than any hot setting.

5) I can sleep in curlers, but some people can't. However, today I put them in this morning and took them out this afternoon, and went to work in a head scarf. So you could set them in the day, rather than sleeping, if it is too uncomfortable for you.

When you take the rollers out, you will have a Shirley Temple set of curls. Not a great look. Don't panic.

You need to brush. I have brushed with combs as well as hard and soft brushes. Today I used a soft brush, and brushed into my hand.

This picture over exposed itself somehow but I don't mind it!

I see some ladies who have perfected sets and make me jealous with their outcomes. But you only get better with practice.....if you have never tried setting your hair...give it a go!