My progress pictures - 6 months on


It's time for another before and after picture I'm afraid! I find the accountability of publishing online motivating, so here is my 6 month update!

I wish this picture showed a better change in my arms, they're slimmer, but not more musclely, which is what I'd like. they have been better than this during the 6 months, but my less regular gym visits have meant they have slackened down again. That's a new focus for next time!

It's odd how different our view in a mirror is, to a photo. What I see in these photos aren't always what I see in the mirror, which is why I find these photos so helpful. I definitely recommend taking a few private snaps if you're hoping to make changes to your body. I don't measure or weigh myself, and these are a good way to reflect on progress. If I were to guess, I'd say I've lost a stone of weight? But I've been lifting weights, so wouldn't want to focus on my weight, as in theory I'd like to get a bit more dense.

So, its been six months of eating differently, and I really hope its the start of a forever way of eating. I don't really see it as a 'loss' of cakes, pizzas etc, more a gain of fruit, vegetable and protein. A gain in how I feel about myself, which is definitely worth less cake and pizza.

Have you been trying to make changes? What have you found most difficult?