My New Year Eve - Drinks with Friends


Happy New Year! Last night was the night when you're meant to have the BEST NIGHT EVER, while spending a fortune and wearing new clothes. Clearly all of that is a waste of time; the pressue just usually makes you have a lame evening with a lighter pocket.

So I wore a dress I have had for years and years, and went to a local pub at the end of my road. It means I got to see in the new year with some of my best friends, have a dance and a drink, and stumble home safely with a salad in pitta.

Obviously many people also use New Year to reflect on the people who are no longer with us. I have this photo of my Grandparents at the salon, and although I didn't really know them, I like to think they would have loved my little business.

My darling Dad would probably be laughing that I went to a pub that he used to drink in 25 odd years ago with his mates.

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