My new vintage cats eye glasses

Some of you may recall some of my mishaps with vintage cats eye glasses.

The first pair I bought were these red pair, and I was super excited.

red cats eye glasses 1.JPG

Sadly the brittle plastic didn't survive the heating process at the opticians and they snapped. The optician has to heat them to pop the old lenses out and put in the new ones.

Then my friend surprised me by buying me a new pair of vintage frames to cheer me up. It worked, and these are the frames I wear most days.


I did sadly drop them recently and they broke. The optician said I couldn't fix them, but I managed it

Although I can still wear them, they do have a break in them, so I treated myself to some new ones!

I got these fab red ones, but the fact they are all plastic does make them more vulnerable. Fingers crossed for when I take them in!

red cats eye glasses.JPG

But my favourite by far are these powder blue ones. They are a slightly new shape for me, but am super keen to wear them!

vintage powder blue glasses.png