My new tattoo from Cassandra Frances

cassanda frances tattoo face.JPG

As I said earlier, I had no idea what I was going to get when I turned up for my appointment, so after arriving, I flicked through her book of flash. Flash is pre-drawn tattoos, some are used repeatedly, and some are designed for once-only use. Some tattooists will tweak flash, and some won't. 

My most recent tattoo was my rose neck tattoo, and it was a pretty traumatic experience. So I'd forgotten what a walk in the park most of your arms are to get tattooed. This was almost joyous in comparison (minus a couple of tender spots). I only wished I had a third arm so I could start over again!

The world seems to prefer tattoos that can be justified with meaning, perhaps it helps people understand why people get tattooed, when the idea feels so alien to themselves? I picked this one as it was pretty and it filled a spot that was empty. Sorry world.

As ever, my top tips for getting tattooed - pick an tattooist where you like almost every single tattoo they create. Eat right before your appoinment, and take something sugary with you. Start in places that are more easily hidden by clothes....just in case you realise that being a visibly tattooed person isn't for you.