My new tattoo - a bunch of flowers

I got another tattoo, a cute bunch of flowers. The placement is in the inner arm, just below the armpit. 

When you get a tattoo, most are done with a stencil, which means you get to see it on your skin first. You may try one or two places or angles, until you're happy with it. Some tattoos are drawn on freehand, rather than a stencil, due to the location or design. They use a paper similar to those reciept books, to leave an inked tracing on your skin.

Outline next! Do tattoos hurt? Yes. Are they unbearable? Of course not, the fact that people return for more and more is testiment to that fact! 

The pain is just your body panicking that it is in danger, but you know you're safe. I just try and breathe through it. It makes me laugh that people think I must love pain! Gosh no!

I'm really pleased with this one, I've wanted more flowers for a while, and after getting a pansy tattooed on my hand, I've wanted more of those too!

Similarly to visiting a hairdresser regularly, it's always nice returning to a tattooer over and over. You get to have a natter about things that are more substantial than just your holiday plans. Always helps to pass the time!