My new impulsive tattoo - my shin

Today started as normal, heading to the launderette with the salon towels as normal. Then I saw a tweet for a tattoo cancellation. Uhoh. I was able to sneak away for a couple of hours, and the tattoo shop was one I used to use, and pretty local.

I hadn't heard of the artist, so did a quick pic of facebook stalking. Then I booked myself in!

In the two hours before my appointment I emailed over a few ideas, so that they could be drawn up, and when I arrived I tweaked the drawing a tad, and was then ready to go!

In all of the rush, I hadn't eaten, which is a definite no-go, so I got a quick packet of crisps and chocolate bar (and excuse hey..?)

Just a cling filmed picture for now, and only outlines for now. Colour will come later. Really happy with the line work though, its clearly a challenge to tattoo all of those straight lines on a leg that isn't.

I'm definitely an impulsive tattoo getter, but I guess I trust that I know my own tastes well enough by now!

The artist was Bonaria at Original Skin.