My new home office (including how I pimped my DAB radio with washi tape)

I hadn't realised how much my old physical space had been limiting my productivity, so now that I've moved, I'm really sorting my space (and of course mind). I decided I'd share some of my home office 'hacks', as I'm not a crafty person, nor does my home look like it belongs on Pinterest. I think sometimes it's nice to see not so perfect inspiration. Realistic perfection!

Firstly, here is my new "Things to Pay" wall calendar which I has personalised on etsy . I find that with staff, two shop rents and all the three sets of bills from work and home I often miss payments. In particular with VAT, PAYE taxes due in really complicated ways. I wanted something I could look at, and add to when needed. So this will only be for payments due. Simples.

Here is the calendar in place! I've used sticky squares to hold it, and washi tape for decoration (I'm basically pretending washi tape is holding it up).

The rest of clutter/storage solution are done on such a budget! The blue and white stripey hanging pocket was £4 from Tiger. Please note that wad of £50s is actually tissues (to blow your nose with).

I think an under utilised decluttering strategy is to use walls and store vertically. The second trick is to get rid of piles of stuff. I often find I have things I'm not quite ready to file away, which usually end up as clutterbombs on my desk. Today I bought the green and white dotty bag, which is a gift bag from Marks and Spencer. I've stuck it to the wall, and it will now hold a4 papers I'm not ready to file away for good. I can then sort that folder once or twice a week. I used washi tape on the top of it, to cover the holes from the old handles. It cost £4.

This envelope is from the bottom right of the main picture, and it's a pimped version of something I've used for a few months. I stick the poly envelope up, and put receipts into it, ready for my weekly receipt-stapling session. Prevents the clutter. I used washi tape to pimp it.

The vintage deer letter holder is 3d, and holds random letters or sometimes I use it as a convenient passport holder. It's the perfect size.

If you look at that main picture again, of the whole desk area, you can also see I've bought an under shelf, which you can use in kitchen cupboard etc to create extra space. I use it to hold my main folder of important documents - its close to hand, but not on the desk as clutter.

changing my dab radio design

This has to be the element I'm most proud of! I used my trusty washi tape to pimp my DAB radio to match the dotty bag. It was a mini brainwave moment and I'm tragically super pleased with it!

The jars I store my washi tape in are old Nutella jars.

The flowery box on the desk is my magical solution to being productive (getting rid of roadblocks). I blogged about it previously when I shared 4 ways to be productive. I still use it every week. Basically I may finally settle down to do payroll or pay bills, and the realise I can't find a calculator, or my bank card Pin reader etc. So I bought doubles, and keep a full set of everything I need to do these tasks in a box. So when I'm doing payroll, I just need to get the flowery box. It really works!

The trick to decluttering is to work out what objects don't have a proper place to live, and work out a place they can live, but still be used, not just shoved in  box you can't get at. Whether its reciepts, or bills, or washi tape. Things need a home, then you'll find it super quick and easy to put them all back. 

A clutter free space really is a clutter free mind.