My new catseye vintage glasses

My new glasses arrived! If, like me, you need glasses to see the world in all of its glory, you may be adorning your face with frames each and every day. Glasses are the most in-your-face (well, on-your-face) accessory you'll wear; they completely change what you look like, and will be the first thing that people notice about you.

I don't believe that most glasses wearers invest enough time or effort into finding the best frames for them, and end up resenting their frames and dreaming of laser eye surgery.

I've grown to love being a glasses wearer, after discovering the world of vintage glasses. At 18, when I got my first glasses they were pretty hideous and I quickly became reliant on contact  lenses. Back in 2010 I bought my first pair of vintage frames, some awesome red cats eye frames. Sadly they didn't survive the lenses process, but my fabulous friend Banbury gave me hers! That was the start of my love affair with glasses.

I haven't bought any for over 12 months so I recently snapped these diamonted cats eyes glasses up. And now they're here! With my lenses in, and they're so comfy and light to wear. Love them already!