My Mainstream Make Over - from rockabilly to towie

rockabilly to mainstream make over.jpg

So this evening I had my mainstream makeover. Gosh. It started as an idea, I tweeted about it, and then suddenly had make up assistance and a photographer. It was on!

So I wasn't alone, one of our lovely customers Lisa also took part, and look how flipping hot she looks with that black wig on! Lisa's makeup was done by the super sweet Georgie.

For my make up I had the super talented Robyn who had recently been looking at Kim Kardashian's use of contouring and used a toned down version on me.

contouring on the face.jpg

I couldn't really see what was happening while my make up was going on, as I had my glasses off! But this picture that Lucie snapped captures part of the magic perfectly!

I will have more pictures later, as lovely Lisa from was on hand to snap our little evening of make up and wigs! But for now, some mobile phone snaps!

essex make over.jpg

The false eyelashes went on, wig pulled tight, and I got to put my glasses on to take a peek!

towie make over.jpg

We headed out for a quick drink afterwards and gosh I figured out why women get addicted to hair extensions. You certainly feel glamorous when you have so much hair! I walked to the bar, and the first guy there said hello to me....twice. It must be my porn star lips!

I'm so torn. I do love being blue haired and slightly quirky looking, but yet I do keep considering making myself a tad more mainstream. I suppose our self image is never a constant.....

That said, I am getting contact lenses again soon, so I'll have the option to have a naked face again! I do love my glasses.....but options are good too.