My knuckle tattoos are 6 years old today

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Back in 2011, I was working at the London Tattoo Convention. I impulsively decided to see if any tattooists had any spots to tattoo my knuckles. I found a guy who did, and he said he'd come find me when he was ready. Cue a few hours of mind-dumping 4/4 letter combinations, via stall holders and twitter trying to decide what I should get done. Clearly this is not how I'd advocate getting your hands tattoos, just as an FYI.

do hand tattoos last.PNG

Due to the thinness of the skin, and the exposure and wear and tear that hands suffer, hand tattoos are generally deemed as not super durable, they fade, and ink can "fall out". I've been lucky, and I do have people comment that they can't believe how well they've held. I've obviously added some more along the way too.... 

do knuckle tattoos last

I'd almost ended up with WINE TIME, and I imagine I'd have covered them up by now if I had, so I'm pretty fricking grateful my sensible brain took over, and I went with READ MORE. Timeless advice that will never get old.

Oh, and I didn't really bottom knuckle tattoos were equally as impulsive when I got those two years ago ---> Read about that here.