My Journey into the World of Burlesque

I saw my first burleqsue show in June 2008 - it was the delectable Miss Polly Rae and the Hurly Burly Girlys and it was a fabulously intimate venue The Soho Review Bar (which has sadly closed down now). It blew me away. It was glamourous, sensual, fun and vintagely wonderful.

And so started my journey. For a long while Polly Rae remained untouched as my favourite burly performer, as an all-rounder (she sings, performs with her troupe and solo), but then I saw Siren Stiletto at Volupte. Again, I saw everything I dreamed burlesque could/should be. I even emailed the venue afterwards describing the act, to find out her name.

The amazing twist in the tale is that I have now worked with both of these fabulous women (who are both gorgeous inside and out), as well as many other delightful performers.

What I love about burlesque is how it empowers not only the performers to feel fantastic, but the audience feels it too. For me it celebrates the female form; how we should enjoy and celebrate ourselves, no matter what size or shape we are.

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