My Grandparents in 1930s/40s


I have been looking at albums of my Grandparents...and I have taken photos of the photos (hence some issues with clarity - some of which are from the originals, some of which from my photography).
Some have dates, some not, I will try and order them roughly. They cover my Grandparents courting, marrying, honeymooning and my Grandad travelling Africa in the War.
These are 1932
My Grandma, Katharine Croft is on the far left here (aged 15).
My Grandad Doug Spicer is 15 years old here.
Grandad is second from right - aged 15

This is 1933....a fab picture my Grandma is 16, and is front with mug and white hat.

Again 1933 - Arudenal Camping

My Grandad and Grandma in 1937....Grandad is about 20, she is 23


This is 1938, in Amberley Camping - Grandad and Grandma
My Grandad aged 20, 1937

1938, Grandad posing
The next ones didn't have a date, but must be 1930s.

My Grandad labelled this one 'Beauty Chorus' and my Grandma is laying on the left. Brighton Beach.

My Grandma on Brighton Beach in the 30s

My Grandma wearing trousers. There is something about this I love.

My Grandma on her bike in the 30s

Look at my Grandma's glasses here  - lazing with boyfriend (Grandad) on Brighton beach

My grandma on the right,  1932, aged18. I believe the middle swimsuit has a Golly on it!

My Grandad had labelled this one 'The 3 Graces'. My Grandma is on the right.



This is 1938, my Grandad is on the right....they seem to playing at pirates??

Grandma in 1930s

My Grandparents on honeymoon in May 1945
My Grandparents' children, my mother is in the middle (about 1952)

My Grandparents holding in me 1982. Sadly my Grandma died soon after this was taken. My Grandad died later in the mid 90s.
Apologies for any errors with age calculations - getting myself muddled! My Grandma was born in 1914, my Grandad in 1917.