My Grandparents in 1930s/40s part 2 - the War


My Grandad joined the Territorial Army before the war began, and on the day war was declared, he signed up for his khakis. He travelled throughout the war; Abyssinia, Eritrea, Kassala, Keren, Gallabat, Massawa, Agordat, Amba Alagi, Tobruk and Iraq.


Here are his photos of World War II


My Grandad in the middle. Exact date unknown.

Burgo the cat, living with the men in the desert in Tobruk (Libya)

Burgo the cat!

Spot Burgo the cat! Grandad is nearest the camera.

View from the gun pit.

This is a Christmas cake in Quasassin 1942

Quasassin Camp 1942


Royal Berks 1944

This is a Christmas card/New Years Eve card sent to my Grandma from Doug, My Grandad. 1941/1942

This is the card from 1942/1943

These two are pictures of men my Grandad must have he kept their photos.
My Grandad's ID card from 1945

My Grandad's Officer Release Book
Inside the booklet they get first class train travel home.

My Grandad's army release letter from the War Office. May 1946.

The newspaper clipping reporting my Grandparent's wedding. I love the description of the clothes!