My Grandparents in 1930s/40s - fabulous vintage photos of my family

I have previously posted about my collection of vintage photos of my family and my Grandad's experience of World War II but had to rely on using a camera to take photos of photos.

I have just fixed the scanner, and so have been scanning some photos in. Most are different from the previous photos I posted, but some may well overlap. The quality is much better though.

Here are a selection I have scanned tonight.

 This is my Grandad Doug and his mother Harriet. I guess this is about 1918. He was born in 1917.

 We think this is my Grandad Doug in the boat. It has a lovely message on back but no date.

This photo is from 1932, making my Grandma about 19 (in the middle) and my Grandad about 15 (on the right). It was a church camp they regularly attended, and many of the pictures are of them mucking about and dressing up.


Here is Doug aged 15, and his older brother Harry (on the right).


This is one of my favourites of my Grandma Kay - she is in the white beret and the cup. This is at the camp in 1933. A group of teenagers hanging out having a laugh. My Grandad is hidden behind hhe front girl.





I so wish this picture had survived in better quality. It is both my Grandad Doug and his Brother Harry striding down a 1930s street. There is no exact date.




Going through these albums, now I have no Grandparents to ask, really creates a feeling of connection to the past. Fascinating.