My first wig courtesy of Annabelle's Wigs

I arrived home tonight to find a parcel from Annabelle's Wigs, I have always wanted to try one but never actually managed to buy one. That is why I was over the moon to get offered one to give a test run. I chose the Carrie wig, which is a three-quarter extension wig - meaning it covers three-quarters of your head.

Annabelle's Wigs give a clear explanation of how to wear your wig, so I won't explain it again here.

I was going to wait to do a proper post, but I have had too much fun playing around with it, so you can enjoy me in my 'just got home' face.


At the moment, they don't have any dark purple wigs, but I am assured they are coming. However this does mean that for now my fringe is a different shade to the wig. The bandana covers the line between your hair at the front, and the wig at the back.





I would never wear a human hair wig, so it being synthetic is perfect for me, it does look more real than I expected. It isn't as shiny as some wigs seem to be.






It is a statement wig - and you need to have a bit of confidence in your swagger to wear it for an every day look (lucky I do!!).

It makes me miss my old long hair. I will give it a proper out-and-about test run, and report back!




Added: It actually reminds me of my old hair: