My first video - My daily Rockabilly Make-Up Routine

Up until now all of my tutorials have been blog/photo tutorials - like this one of me applying my daily make-up, but today I worked on one of my #wwmoob goals - start making some videos.

So here is what I did this morning......

So, the first challenge was camera position. Obviously applying make-up means you need a mirror. I know some youtubers use a webcam and then can use their camera as a mirror (looking at computer screen). I think if I did it again, I would experiment with directing camera more toward the mirror, to focus just on my reflection (rather than my back and my refelction).

Second challenge was music - I wanted something copyright free. Luckily Twitter helped out with that, but it turns out Youtube also offer Audio Swapping, and will upload/swap your music with other music - which must then be okayed for use. Interesting to find out.

Third challenge was lighting - I tried last night, but I had to do this morning so I had natural light.

Editing was tricky, only because my computer struggled to play it....apparently this may be due to shooting in HD, so may try the next one without HD. My camera is also just a stills camera, so isn't super dooper.

But I've done! Faced my fear and put myself out there. Which is really all that matters.