What I learnt during my first attempt at Facebook Live - The French Resistance Room

I've never done any live video, I've not really felt I've had anything to say, and to be frank, video is scary enough, and that's even before you realise there is no edit, and no re-do. But fuck it, I stumbled into my step-dad's attic room and just felt ready to throw myself into the world of live video.

My step-dad blogs about the French Resistance, and has become an expert in his field. It's the type of passion that is narrow and deep, and not something I can relate to in that sense, however it's so impressive. I remember sitting him down and helping him start the blog, and all these years on, he is still dedicated to it. He now has this pretty darn cool room in his attic, full of his French Resistance memorabilia. The room is set up as if a person was living in it.

What I learnt during my first Facebook live video is that when the wifi connection drops (because you're high up in an attic) the sound stays but gosh the visuals drop off. I won't keep talking next time this happens). I also learned that the comments that happen live, aren't saved over the video, so when I'm replying to them, its not clear what's happening at a later date. I learned that you have to keep re-introducing the topic, as people join you along the way.

However I also learned that it wasn't that scary, that some people liked watching it live, and taking the time to comment. And that's a win, right?

Oh, I've also learnt that my London accent gets pretty strong at times, innit.