My favourite snacks for on the go (and a bit about changing our bodies)

Snacks I love for when I'm out and about

If I'm hungry, I like to eat, which means I don't tend to stick to a strict time schedule of eating. I've had to figure out the types of food I can grab when I'm out and about, or just needing a quick snack.

These are not low calorie options, I don't believe in calorie counting. People who calorie count tend to be the yo-yo dieters (I'm excluding athletes etc). We have been sold the myth for so long that we need to do the simple math of calories in/calories out to control/change/maintain our size; but it's largely bullsh!t.

There are no short cuts if you want to change your body; consistency is key. Whether you're wanting to gain weight, lose weight, bulk up, etc, it's about sticking to your choice, over and over. Making that choice repeatedly. 

Most people eat too much, hence we are as a society the heaviest we've probably ever been. The advertising industry has encouraged us to eat more and more, to indulge; to treat; and to relax with food, that is usually pretty darn bad for us. We eat too much and we eat the wrong things. We fill up on fats and 'empty' food (it has very little nutritional value). 

We are all grown ups, and we are all able to make educated choices. Just as some people choose to smoke, we are entitled to eat whatever we like. We are entitled to have whatever bodies we like. We are entitled to decide how we feel about our own bodies.

Anyhow, here are some of my favourite snacks, for when I'm out and about.


1. Nakd Bars. These bars are genius. Smooshed up goodness that taste delightful. Just some fruit, and some nuts mushed up. Raw and Vegan. They are bleedin' brilliant for a snack on the go, or as a dessert. I eat them by the bucket load (sort of).



2. Sesame Snaps are pretty high in sugar, but I don't really restrict sugar myself, so their simple ingredient list of sesame seeds, sugar, glucose syrup makes them fine for an occasional dessert option for after tea.



3. I tend to go through little phases with which fruit is my favourite snack; I'm loving raspberries at the moment.



4. Similarly, I go through a favouritism with my go-to snacking nut. I am a currently flying the flag for almonds, and I usually treat myself to the slightly naughtier version - smoked.



5. Quite a lot of places sell pots of edamame now, and they're a fab snack for on the go. I often get them as starters in restaurants too.




6. If I'm needing something that feels more indulgent, or I won't be able to eat a large enough snack to keep me growing I love the cocoa coconut Trek protein bar - it's like a Bounty bar - yum!