My favourite random purchase: love letters from the 1940s

These came in the post today:


Some of them are seeminly unconnected, but there are a few that are. The envelopes range from 1939 to 1953, although some letters aren't dated at all.

I really enjoyed reading them, so thought I would share.


This letter is undated, and didn't come in an envelope. It is one of the letters connected to others in the set.

Saturday                                       Lyndhurst

Darling Mine,

I have recieved your parcel and all the good things in it infact the shirt is quite a good one and fits me nicely, do I need to take any special precautions the first time I wash it? Thank Bill for the cake it was very nice. I am busy just now getting all the details of this ???? fixed. I made a copy of theprogramme. I hope it all passes off well. This morning I have written an article about it for the Ama Press Relations Officer (Mr French) who is one of my discussion fans. He wants to put something in the local press about it.

There have been one or two strong rumours about us going back home within the next 6 or 7 weeks but I don't know whether it is really authentic or not. A few have already gone back (also some firewomen) and there is a further list of firemen (almost 30) for Oct 10 but up to now they have been either people who had had a lot of sickness or specialists of some kind eg. electricians etc. I will certainly let you know as soon as I hear anything definite.

The letter you inclosed was an invitation to a dinner at Youngers Waldorf Restaurant 32 St Thomas St Manchester on Friday ??? 6 by the Citizenship Lecturers Society. I shall have to reply and tell them I cannot attend.

I am getting very impatient now to have a look at you once again. I don't know how I shall manage to beguile the time for another 3 weeks or so until we meet. I sent quite a few things out this week including some drawing books to Val+Pete+Kath+Rosie and a PC to Ma. Did you receive my Winchester PC. I shall look in the shops for a nice little present for my own sweet love during the next few days. What would you like.

Your Own


He signs a kiss after his name, which is an X, with a dot above it and then a curve above. Must take a picture as I haven't seen it like that before.

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