My favourite pasta-alternative (and my new favourite take away)

explore cuisine pasta review

I've finally discovered my favourite faux pasta! I've tried lentil based pasta but hated the texture, and I'm a regular fan of courgetti and squashetti. However, I've always felt the vegetable versions mean my meal lacks substance somehow.

This is from Explore Cuisine, and is 100% bean, which means its a protein, which is fabulous! It holds a springy texture, much more like a pasta, and doesn't become mushy. It's a new staple.

In other news, B often complains that I'm hard to order take away for, and we do order quite a lot of take aways. So we were pleased discover this little gem near me:

farmer js review

Farmer J proves that take away doesn't need to mean making sacrifices in the food you want to eat. It was delicious and cheap. Get in.