My face is ok.

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I posted this picture last week over in instaland, and the comments made me decide to blog it too.

The original text was "It is challenging to accept our face how others see it, rather than in the poses we choose for ourselves. Don't get my wrong I love a flattering selfie, but I also need to accept the reality of my face. We can change our hair, make up, clothing. But generally we just have our face. We just to figure out how to be OK with our faces from all angles. In their flattering poses and in their day-to-day realities. #myfaceisok"

I was surprised at how much this resonated with other people, and I guess that is why I love social media. We are reminded that our fears and thoughts are never unique; that we all experience pretty much the same as each other. 

The people who love us see our face from every angle. When we laugh, frown, chat and when we forget about our crows feet. They see us as a 3D person, and they love us. We rarely see our faces; apart from our posed selfie faces, and therefore our facial reality can shock us at times. But it doesn't shock anyone else; they know what we look like. We just need to get used to it too.