My current favourite skincare ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid

I was sent a bag of night creams to review, all containing acids. No, not like a face peel using acid, but an ingredient that delivers moisture deep within your skin. We apparently have our own levels of hyaluronic acid, which lessens as we age, hence our need for some super duper skin care as we get older.

I've been using a rotation of creams, most nights of the week, before bedtime. What's critical to note is that these acids make your skin more sensitive to UV damage (which is why they're prevalent in night creams) and therefore it is critical you use a quality SPF during the daytime while you're using them. 

Please also note, that your SPF in your foundation may well not be enough on its own. Your foundation may only offer protect against UVA or UVB, but not both. You need a broad spectrum protection.

The main reason I've fallen in love with hyaluronic acids is that it really keeps my rosacea in check. So much so, I can often notice the difference on the days I forget to use it at night. My rosacea covers my whole right cheek, and I cover it with make up.

My day moisturiser ran out this week so I decided to try Clarins for the first time. I was surprised to find a day product with hyaluronic acid in, so I snapped it up! Remember I apply a factor 50 over the top for protection. I started using this today, so watch this space! I always get so nervous trying a new cream due to my rosacea, but I'm excited to try a new range.