My Christmas Presents

So, for the annual present post! I always get spolit, and each year feel very lucky. I'm not always sure about posting these, but I asked on fb what people wanted me to include this Christmas, and a present post was asked for, so here it is!

As I had my gifts over a period of two weeks, I have definitely missed a few, so apologies if anyone thinks I didn't like their pressie!

The calculator looks odd pehaps, but I did ask for it!

My bag will get better snaps taken of it another day, but if you fancy a nose at it, take a peek! I'm actually a bit scared of a bag that costs that much....surely I'm far too clumsy for something like that?! Wish me luck!

I think I'm quite easy to buy for, which is perhaps proven by how useful/lovely everything I got is!

I've wanted to get my gait measured for a little while, so I'm very eager to get to Sweaty Betty with my vouchers to have that done. 

I'm also a massive fan of getting Clarks shoes vouchers, and I often request them. Most of shoes are from there, so I'll hopefully add to my collection with a sales purchase.

I've already worn the two pencil dresses, but the short dress scares me somewhat. I went and bought a bandeau top to wear under it, as the mesh comes below my bra line! I'm not that brave! I bought a simple black bandeau which I think will make the dress perfect!

As you can imagine, I'm feeling very lucky tonight!