My broken vintage glasses......sort of fixed!


I am super happy today! I used to wear these glasses most days, and I loved them. They were a gift from Miss Banbury Cross, after the optician broke my other vintage frames.

Sadly a while ago I knocked my glasses off my face and they broke. It was a dark day for me.....they had snapped in two, over one of the cat eye sections.

I visited some opticians but they said they couldn't (wouldn't?) fix them. They said that if they were glued it would only last a few days, and then break again. I shoved my glasses in a case, and refused to think about it too much.

Today I finally got some superglue and thought I'd tackle them myself - I have nothing to lose! Well, I initially got superglue all over my glasses and the lens, which took about 30 mins to get off. But they are currently fixed!

I am aware they are fragile, and that the glue may not last. They don't look perfect, but I am wearing them, which is a start. I am so happy that there may be life in the glasses yet!

My poor old eyes were getting tired of wearing contacts so much, so fingers crossed for me!