My birthday take two and LoungeLover (mini review)

I cancelled my birthday celebrations a few weeks ago due to the tube strikes, and paired up with another friend to have a mini celebration tonight.

The choice of bar was up to me, so I wanted to find something new, I selected LoungeLover (reading that they had a real hippo head on the wall was a clincher).

I loved the welcome I receieved from the venue, the door hosts lead each person in, directs them to their table and explained how to order. Felt expensive.

The decor was fabulously eclectic.

Sadly I didn't take a picture of the hippo head, but the website has a good gallery of pics.

I had to wait a while for my first cocktail but when it came I forgave everything! Every cocktail we tried, we all grinned, ohhed and ahhed. They were all delicious; not cheap but delicious.






Here is a silly grin from me:

The service is table service only, and cocktails take a while to make, so it is slow, but it was fine. You do have to pay a tip on each drink too. The food is Japanese and surprisingly good value.

The crowd were quite mixed (including a certain lady from Eastenders), I wasn't keen on the music, but the overall atmosphere was good.

There is a cage area, made from an old prison gate, which would make an awesome are to reserve for a larger group.

I'd return again....with enough money to make more of a dent on the massive cocktail list. Also, don't be afraid to come off-list, they were happy to make other cocktails we requested too.