My Before/After picture - Healthy Eating and Gym Visits (2.5 months)


I was nervous about posting this, but sod it! I've looked at lots of before and after inspiration (fitspiration) pictures over the last couple of months so it's only fair I share mine in return!

At the start of January I decided I didn't want to continue with the lifestyle I was living, I was eating pizza and pasta most nights followed by a whole packet of biscuits. Yes a whole packet. A night. I was falling asleep after dinner most nights and just feeling a bit fat and bloated. At work I could snack on 2-5 chocolate bars as they're always in the salon fridge.

As you can see in my scary before pic, my belly just looks unhealthy. I wasn't huge, a 12-14, but creeping to the bigger 14 end. In the past I had enjoyed the gym, but I'd lost the habit, started a business and lost the time and money to rejoin.

I just decided that I didn't want to be someone who moaned without action. So I joined the other January gym starters, as well as radically changing my diet.

I focused on what I was adding to my diet, nothing was taken away or banned. I added fruit and vegetables, and was surprised at how easy it was to kick the sugar habit. Rather than a massive chocolate bar or a pack of biscuits for pudding I have something like a tin of peaches and yoghurt. 

No more do I get pizza, but I work on adding loads of vegetables into my dinners.


I also focused on adding more protein into my food choice, so lots of tofu, eggs, cheese and milk. Yum. I have not been on a diet, I have been trying to eat well, to make my body healthy. 

I no longer get a cake every time I get a coffee with a friend, or a pack of crisps everytime I'm at the pub. I get vodka rather than wine. Small better choices each and every day seem to be working for me, it really feels easy...which is odd considering how long I've eaten poor food choices.

I don't particularly want to get smaller, I want to get healthy and strong. I'm at the start of a long journey, but already I feel in control of body, rather than being stuck with it. I'm gaining strength, flexibility and health. I have more energy and my clothes sit better on my body. I'm less bloated and feel like I'm in charge of it for once.

I would like to continue to push my strength training along with the small bits of cardio I do, and hopefully the body transformation will continue!


E.T.A -  a massive thanks to everyone on twitter who said they found my changes inspiring. Feel a tad more relaxed about posting it now!