My 'addiction' to food and what I eat when I want to binge

I have always half joked that I have an addiction to food. I have never been able to store food. If food is my house, chances are it will be eaten. If I buy a multipack there may be multiple trips back to the fridge, convincing myself that I'll really only have one more.


I learned to manage this food binging by not buying to store. I tend to buy my food each and every day, if I want to eat something I need to go and buy it. Occasionally I'd slip, and believe I could buy that multipack, but I'd soon be reminded I can't be trusted!


I identified what it was exactly that I enjoyed about eating, and what triggered the binge and how I'd stop them. 


+I enjoyed the process of eating, rather than what it was I was consuming. I enjoy feeling full.

+Having the food in my house was enough to trigger it!

+I'd finish when the food was finished. 

In the last 18 months I've really 'cleaned' up my diet, and really lessened my reliance on processed carbs, which has definitely ended my weekly habits of eating a whole packet of biscuits or a whole pizza. However, I feel a bit like an addict who is always managing the addiction, no matter how far I've come! So I still can't buy multipacks, and still shop daily. It works me for!

For about two hormonal days a month the craving to gorge takes over again, and so I have strategies to embrace it, and not get too stressed out about it. It's usually about a few days before my period is due, and usually only lasts 24-48 hours. 

  • I know that I like to eat, so I find foods that take a while to eat. Finger foods. Food that is bite sized.
  • I know that I like to eat a lot. To get full. So I buy lots of foods I can eat lots of - fruits, vegetables etc.
  • I know that I eat what is in the house, so I'm strict with what I allow in my cupboards!

Foods I 'allow' myself to binge on when I'm premenstrually binge eating: fruits, vegetables, hummus, popcorn, Booja Booja icecream, nuts, sweet potato with goats cheese, milkshake.