My 3rd laser hair treatment (and why its different to IPL)

I've now had 3 laser hair removal sessions at City Hair Removal, which were gifted to me to review, so I thought I'd update you on my progress!

I've previously tried a year of IPL treatments, with little success, and according to City Hair Removal, "IPL is designed to treat conditions such as acne, Rosacea, aging and sun damaged skin. Although it has been found to assist in hair reduction, IPL emits a scattered, unfocussed light and is therefore inefficient in laser hair removal. "

What I've noticed so far with my laser treatment is that I get to enjoy hair loss (I'm having my underarms done) pretty much straight away. I'm still shaving, but its more to just shave a few hairs away, I can go without for days and not have that normal stubble I'd feel a day after shaving. 

It means that I can wear a vest to the gym without the desire to shave first, and just enjoy shaving less. I don't have that underarm shadow from stubble growing through it.

Does it hurt? Yes. The laser has got progressively more painful on each appointment, but it doesn't last long. 

I'm not finished, but I'm definitely enjoying the benefits already, and only hope that it continues to get less and less, resulting in next to no shaving once the treatments are complete.