My 10 most popular instagram pictures

I had a nose today at some of my social media statistics, and thought I'd share my top 10 instagram pictures to date.

Top 10 pictures (most liked)

  1. Some gorgeous vintage curls that Lucie gave me at the salon. It was my brief pastel period. I didn't keep it light for very long, much prefer darker shades on me.
  2. This one makes me laugh.  My retro microwave. For months afterwards I would get notifications from people who had bought this bargain kitchen appliance after seeing it on my instagram. We are now a mini retro microwave tribe.
  3. My 6 month progress picture after making a new year's resolution in Jan 2013 to change my lifestyle.
  4. My 8 month maintaintence picture after my life style changes.
  5. A personalised college varsity style jacket I had been sent.
  6. A photo of me at The Chap Olympiad, one of my favourite summer events.
  7. Some cheeky vintage tattooed bums.
  8. The day I got my hand tattooed by Cassandra Francis.
  9. 54 weeks gym progress - 1 year of sticking with it!
  10. A comparison picture over 3 years, reminding myself to reflect back to where I've come from.

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