#MustSeeMenorca - Traverse Conference Day 1

menorca blog review

After arriving in Menorca the day before, we were raring to get going with our mini Traverse Events conference, where we would hear sessions about the industry of influence (it wasn't called that, but imagine me saying it with a deep action-movie tone for effect). The sun was glorious, and there is something soothing about all of the white Spanish buildings onthe backdrop of the ocean.

port blue hotel menorca

Did you know, a recent YouGov study foundthat in the UK, 43 percent of people would invest their money in a holiday if they were given £1000 to spend? This is above home improvements cars or shopping. What is it that makes holidays so appealing, even during economic downtimes?

minorca review

We all know the answer of course. Escapism and experience. We want to buy experiences more than stuff, once we realise that stuff is just stuff. We also love how uplifted we feel in the sunshine don't we? How everything just feels a little easier when it's bright and sunny.

minorca blog review

I've been surprised at how peaceful Menorca is so far, I think my expectations of the island were tarnished by the idea of 'Brits Abroad'. It's funny how much it reminds me of the Spain I used to visit as a child, the quiet streets, the white buildings and palm trees. It hasn't changed. I haven't been to the main city yet, so I'm sure that's a little busier, but here in San Luis it's sleepy and sedate. Good for the soul.