#MustSeeMenorca - no dinner and all the wine


So, after my pretty miserable trip here, I'm getting settled into Menorca. First things first, it's much prettier than I'd imagined. Actually I'm not sure what I expected, but it seems deliciously un-touristy, and very 'Spanish'. White buildings, green trees and rocky waters. Very serene. My soul is definitely going to get a good reset I think.

Menorca traverse events

We're staying at Hotel San Luis which has so far exceeded my expectations. I haven't stayed in a large hotel for many years, and my memories are off out-of-date rooms with large dusty tvs. I was proved wrong - thankfully! It's modern and fresh, and clean. Just what you want in the heat.

san luis hotel menorca

You may be wondering why I'm here....who on earth would pay to send crazy ol' me on a holiday? Great question, and I don't blame you. So I'm here via a few people, the tourism board for Menorca, the Spanish tourist board in the UK, Jet 2 and Traverse Events. They've got together to send 50 influencers; instagrammers, vloggers, bloggers, and content creators, to get the joys of Menorca out to the world. Of course I leapt at the chance. You would too right?

menorca hotel review

So, back to my trip. Day 1. We had lunch at the hotel, and went for a wander. The wander ended up in my purchase of my icecream lilo! The best 10 euros I've ever spent for sure. It made me giggle like a child, and I was quick to get into my swimsuit to try it out. We all need more joy.

Time to change for dinner. We went to an old hospital, where people in the 18th century were held with contagious diseases. As expected, being a vegetarian abroad is often a challenge, so there were zero canapes for me. I was hilariously offered an option, "There is only a small amount of salmon in it," so I had a very empty stomach. But do you know what there was....wine. Lots of delicious wine. Which led to a very drunken Instagram live. Ha.

I'm now surrounded by 50 people who are creating content constantly. We have drones, 360 cameras, and cameras and phones galore. I'm using this to try and get inspired to be less shy about taking photos in public. I'm embracing more 'lives' (Instagram and facebook). So come join me.