#MustSeeMenorca - A day to relax

Cova d'en Xoroi review

I'm now 3 days into a press trip to Menorca, and I'm definitely becoming an expert in Menorcan wine! I took a day off from all of the group activities, and treated myself to some 'holiday time'. I decided to treat myself to a massage, because that's what I do on holiday (remember my 3 days/4 massages post from Bali?)

menorca massage review

Once my massage was completed, they informed me that if you had a treatment of an hour or more, you also get access to the spa area. Jacuzzi here I come! I was lucky enough to have been sent a swimsuit to review from UKSwimwear so here I am, attempting to see if paying £150 for a swimsuit would ever be worth it. I picked a brand called Miracle Suit, because I figured it would cope with my silly boobs. I think it's meant to slim you a dress size smaller, but generally I just like how its supportive. Full review to follow.

minorca review ocean

I went for a solo wander, and it was just glorious. I kept noticing that my face was smiling, even though no one was around to see it. The sun is shining, the roads are peaceful, and Menorca is stunning. We're not staying near the beaches (we will be visiting some) but the rock cliffs are pretty awesome too. Just don't fall over, bet they sting like a bitch.

Menorca views

It's fascinating to hear from the mixture of people that I'm travelling with, some are vloggers, some are instagrammers and some are bloggers. Some are full time travel bloggers, and they're managing to pay all of their bills while travelling the world. It's great seeing how everyone creates content, we all do it in different ways. We all have different audiences and different voices.

cave bar menorca

If you ever wondered if I was capable of finishing 3 glasses of cava in 20 minutes before our bus leaves.....the answer is yes. Just.