Museum of 51 - At the Royal Festival Hall


Today I visited the Museum of 51 at The Royal Festival Hall, a celebration of the Festival of Britain 50 years ago. This colour video clip shows you it, as it was....very awesome.

The day started with some Rockalily Lipstick trialling, how else do you start the day?!


Off we went to the exhibition. It's free and definitely worth a quick popping in.


There was a fabulous quilt (or is it called a patchwork?) of the last 100 years of Britain that was made in 1951. 

















We enjoyed the 1951 model room, despite not being able to make ourselves at home!



We headed off for some lunch, which tasted beautiful, and I woofed it up, followed by a pasty and a biscuit. Yum. After deciding that we were the whole atmosphere in the pub, we decided to head into Soho.



We then headed off for a quick martini for the perfect way to end a great day out.