Mumpreneur and Fempreneur - the new words to define (and separate) women in business from the Big Boys

I have been moaning this week about the word 'mumpreneur' being added to the dictionary. The term, meaning 'a woman who combines running a successful business with looking after her children' has been bandied about in the press over the last year, and there are Mumpreneur websites and awards. Clearly many women associate themselves positively with the term. I don't, and am offended by its use.

Firstly....since when was entrepreneur a gender specific term? What about the word needs any explanation or differentation based on who it is applied to? 

Secondly, what about the men who run a business while looking after his children? I am very aware that statistically women complete more of the household chores and childcare, but I do not see how terms that separate women from men help this situation. Parents run businesses. They are all capable of being entrepreneurs. Regardless of gender.

Thirdly, the term just feels patronising, like a little pat on the head, ''bless you, being a mum and starting a little business....good little girl.'' But remember'll never be quite as equal as the men running businesses. But well done for giving it a go.

So yes, I hate the word 'mumpreneur'. It belittles us, demeans us and is just completely unnecessary. If you are a mum who is also an entrepreneur, well you're just an entrepreneur - well done!

Then I discovered the word 'fempreneur'. 

Again, because I am female why do I need a separate word created for me? What part of entrepreneur is masculine? Or is it that little pat on the head again.....well done, but remember you're not a 'real' entrepreneur. You're a girl......never forget that.

I rarely write particularly lengthy blog posts, my writing skills aren't up to the standard I feel it requires, but this just makes me so cross. These words may only be small; but they have subtle and definite meanings for us all.