Moving Forward - Staying Positive and Lovely

I have been wanting to change my career path for a short while now. Obviously I appreciate how hard this can be, particularly in this economic climate. However, that doesn't change my desire, and belief in myself that I will succeed.

I have been networking as much as I can over the last few months, making new connections and friendships with people with similar mindsets to myself. You never know when you will be able to help each other out. I have toying with different ideas and plans.

I have started sending my Cv out for jobs I think I have almost zero chance of getting (but I have a 100% belief I would be great at if they gave me the chance).

First job that was interesting paid way too little. I am prepared to take a pay cut, but I still have rent to pay. I didn't send the CV. Second CV was not accepted - fair enough. Third CV got me through to stage 2. I am still very aware that I may well be overlooked for anyone who has direct experience in the field, but am very proud that my CV isn't being laughed out of the office! I'm amazed to be asked to complete a task for stage 2, and I gave it my best shot. However, even if I get no further with this one (I would love it, and really believe I'd be great for the role. but have no direct experience of the field), I am happy that at least I am moving forward.

The job I am in currently was a job I never thought I'd get. It was the same field as I worked in before, but a different strand, and I expected to get overlooked. However, someone was willing to take the chance with me, and I knew I'd be perfect for it. I just need someone else to give me a chance too.

If you want to make a change, you can do it. Evaluate your skills - they will all be transferable and it is up to you to convince other people at how well you'd cope with new challenges. Network. Get out there. Talk to new people. You just never know what may turn up. Remember that sending in a CV can't hurt. It will force you to keep it up to date, and give you practice at tailoring it for different jobs.

When my new direction comes....whether its a new employment opportunity, or a self employed route, I know it will be just lovely in the end.